Dame like Michael Capponi is an individual from the gathering Artists for Peace and Justice, which has pulled in significant star energy to Haiti, including late guests Penelope Cruz, Clint Eastwood, Demi Moore, Ben Stiller and Victoria’s Secret head picture taker, Russell James. Film chief Paul Haggis (Crash) as of late gave an expert class to understudies at the CinĂ© Institute.

The hot new app InList has been described a number of ways. One way that makes thinking about it more simple is to imagine the app as a sort of Uber for exclusive parties.

Uber is an app that uses people’s smart phones to help them find a ride more quickly and conveniently than a taxi may be waved down. This saves time and aggravation, and there’s a reason Uber has taken off as it has. Now InList is poised to do the same kind of thing for exclusive events and high-profile get-togethers. When InList was unveiled in 2014, some surprising appearances were made by a number of big name elites; among them Jamie Foxx and the well-known musical entertainment group Sonic Butterfly.

It can be time-consuming to hunt down all the parties in a given city; especially for those who are really just passing through. But for those in the know with InList, finding a memorable night is just a swipe away.

One of the leading men behind InList, Michael Capponi, designed the app as a convenience service for VIPs that are looking to glide past all the hoopla, and instead focus on truly enjoying an event. To that end, InList has proven itself quite successful.


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