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michael capponi

Capponi’s undertaking has following mushroomed into an arrangement to redevelop the city and the encompassing coastline, including a gathering of American and Haitian activists and business visionaries, all united in the mission to rebrand the nation as a hip vacationer destination.

Nicknamed the Godfather of Miami Nightlife, Michael Capponi Local10 is a successful entrepreneur, real estate developer, and a master at developing happening nightlife spots. At the early age of 16 Capponi got his start when he promoted a single night event called “One, Global Tribe” for the Miami Beach club Cameo Theater. Other promotion gigs soon followed and by the age of 19 he had made the Who’s Who list of Miami Beach. He’s managed to build a successful career as a nightclub promoter with venues that include Warsaw, BED, SET, and Mansion. The local newspaper recognized him as Miami’s best nightlife promoter.


Capponi’s latest golden idea is a members only app that will make the VIP areas easier to find for those who belong there. He’s teamed up with business partner Gideon Kimbrell to launch the new app called InList. Their vision is to make it simpler for these nightclubs to let all the VIPs where to go. Most business owners are excited at the prospect of the app, while clubs are looking to stay full during peak hours, it’s not just the amount of people that show up, what’s even more important is who shows up. This app is prime to fit that need.